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olá, como vai? você poderia divulgar meu tumblr de edits? é de icons de artistas femininas em geral, faço de animes ou cartoons também. desde já agradeço e desculpe qualquer coisa 💜

[together] feminist! lesbian! vagina! @femaleroses​ 

quais sao seus blogs favoritos nega?

@luckyeone @orbitedits @cosmosedits @iconsky @iconstae @puzzle-icons @winkicons @burtteflies @moonkicons @sunflowertwt @wanderluswt @vanillak 💖

Hello everyone! I recently reached 6k followers so I decided to make a long ass post dedicated to my favorite blogs ever, active or not. I also wanted to thank you guys, again, for following this blog. ♡

# – b

@22century @94kkuma* @309mic* @aicechu* @archivebyun @armychive @artgroups* @b-edits* @baekarchive* @baekhyunedits* @bermudatriangler @bingeureump3 @btaedits @bubbellegum @bubicons @bubuicons @bunnycons* @burtteflies

c – k

@candyarchive* @capsbangtan* @chaoticons @clctwt @criticalbeautiful @ctrlexo* @cutepouts @cyphedit* @dimpledits* @editsnsd @exordiumedits @exotwt* @fairytip* @fleurtwt @girldits @gotaeyeon* @hangulicons @iconsford @iconsky @kconsn @kyotoedits @kyungedits

i – r

@lloyalheart @lovefourwalls @luckyeone* @mermaidsedits* @miyoungicons* @moonkicons @mrsimplie @neoirregular @newsheroes @nnuabo @oddeyeicon* @oddieye @ohsehunicons @paliette* @panyicons* @peachtwt* @peachydits @pinktapr @puzzle-icons @raindb51

s- y

@seesawedits @selenophilies @shitedits @skitheric @smtownarchive @snsdnopsd* @soonshicons @spiritedits @stufftaeng* @sunflowertwt @tabongicons @taeyeonopsd* @tbeautycons @twilightwt @tyicons* @unripeapple @vanillak @velvedit* @vozmevoyez* @whalienstuff* @whztledits @windysday* @wingstwt @winkicons @ynwaicons*

* = inactive for over a month, on hiatus or moved.

olá, anjo! criei esse novo tumblr dedicado, unicamente, ao grupo gugudan. gostaria de saber se pode divulga-lo? fico muito agradecida. [ @gugudanedits ] ♡



Hello there! I reached 5K followers and It’s been a while since I posted my first follow forever so I decided to make a second edition dedicated to my current favorite blogs. I also wanted to thank you guys for following me and keeping this blog alive ♡

General blogs

@171114x @94kkuma @aicechu @artgroups @beauxbotons @bingeureump3 @bubbellegum @bubicons @bubuicons @bunnycons @candyarchive @criticalbeautiful @dimpledits @dorothyicons @fairytip @hangulicons @iconsky @iconstbh @mermaidsedits @moonkicons @oddeyeicon @oddieye @raindb51 @sailortwt @seesawedits @shitedits @skitheric  @smtownarchive @strawbrerrys @tbeautycons @toukedits @unripeapple @uwusttuff @vanillak @velvedit @vozmevoyez @wanderluswt @windysday @winkicons

Blogs dedicated to a specific group or artist

@archiveloona @armychive @b-edits @baekarchive @btaedits @capsbangtan @cyphedit @editsnsd @exordiumedits @gotaeyeon @icon-loona @iconbangtan @kmstuffs @kyungedits @lloyalheart @loonastuffs  @minseokedits @miyoungicons @ohsehunicons @panyicons @pathcoex @snsdnopsd @sonyeoicons @stufftaeng @tabongicons @taeyeonopsd @tyicons @whalienstuff @ynwaicons


HYO // Sober (2018)


you should really follow @bubicons for amazing kpop icons, they just started and need some support (and requests) ♡