kim-taeyeon: Q: Is there a special reason why…


Q: Is there a special reason why you were paired up with Taeyeon out of all the members of SNSD?

JH: She was the sole person who’s height matched mine.

I was in the process of making a Jonghyun + Taeyeon friendship photoset but because of what happened, I did not have the heart to finish. However, even though it’s unfinished, I want to post this and use this opportunity to tell everyone that the friendship Jonghyun and Taeyeon had was genuine. They cared deeply for each other and understood each other. Taeyeon loved Jonghyun with all her heart, and I strongly believe that Jonghyun did the same. The bond they shared is unbreakable. Thank you Taeyeon for being such a great friend to Jonghyun, and thank you Jonghyun for doing the same.