jumataeng: taeyeon X marilyn monroe // request…


taeyeon X marilyn monroe // requested by anonymous

“I found myself in the ‘Ladies’ with her, I pulled my messy hair up in a hurry and unpicked the tulle that covered my breasts, she, seeing herself in the mirror, smiling left, then right. She smelled of Chanel No. 5. I adored her, watched her, fascinated, forgetting my hair. I wanted to be ‘HER,’ having her own personality and character. It was the first and last time in my life I saw her. She seduced me in 30 seconds. It emanated from her graceful fragility, soft playfulness. I’ll never forget her, and when I learnt the news of her death a few years later, I had a very painful pinch in the heart as if a very loved person just left me.” — Brigitte Bardot on Marilyn.